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RESTLESS – A Story By Okezie Festus Okezie(Latnok)


My name is Carl. I used to be a secret agent of the FOX. Five years ago, I and my best friend Rex successfully carried out a mission to stop a group of invisible terrorists who wanted to destroy our nation. We succeeded in liberating the nation from the shackles of the terrorists.

But I never knew it would cause a total turn around in my life. We thought it had ended but the battle only started. The same night we were supposed to celebrate our victory, my only child and my wife were murdered. Rex and his family were also attacked. I was shot thrice and left to die but Sheila saved me from dying and gave me a new life.

Over the years, I have been unable to rest my mind, knowing that those that murdered my beloved wife and child are still lurking around somewhere. I see the spirit of my wife still haunting me in my dreams and I can’t have peace until I find her murderers and make them pay.


The story is about Carl, a man haunted by the pains of losing his family and neglect by the organization he was committed to. He falls in love with Sheila who also loves him but he is consumed with the passion for avenging his dead wife and child that he closes his eyes to Sheila’s love. He discovers more in his quest to bring down the killers of his wife, the people who betrayed him are quite much more than he expected. He is terribly shocked as he makes more discoveries, and there comes a flood of death that will shake the nation as the RESTLESS man goes about seeking for peace.


As you follow, you’ll “watch power” go against justice, betrayal go against trust, hatred go against love. You’ll feel the pains of betrayal, and of love being neglected.

It’s full of crazy action, only read if you are not feebleminded



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