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Masturbation (al-istimnaa`) linguistically is: a noun, and it entails the forceful release of ones own semen by hand or any other means too.

Without doubt, masturbation is common among the teens, slayqueens and bachelors/spinsters (unmarried ones). This is evident from recent FT thread by  buhariski on topic "Masturbation Has Ruined My Life". Scholars of Islam prohibit masturbation because of various evils embedded to it. To see how it has ruined a guy life according to buhariski post, see, https://www.nairaland.com/5100557/masturbation-ruined-life  .

Our able scholar, Professor Abdrazaq Abdmajeed Alaro was asked about the ruling of masturbation in his lecture titled "Islamicc perspective on family planning". He opined that it is prohibited upon the males and females according to the fuqahaa`, and the he cited the following statement credited our able Shaykh Muhammad bin Ameen when asked about The Islaamic Ruling on Masturbation:

Allah says in the Holy Quraan when giving qualities of the true believers.  He says,

“And those who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame” [23:4-6]. Imaam Shafi’ee  said in his book al-Umm : “It is thus clear in mentioning the preservation of the private parts except on the wives or the right-hand possessions, (this implies) the prohibition of other than them. It is also clear that the wives and right-hand possessions are humans, and not animals. Then He affirmed it and said: “But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors” [23:7] Hence, it is not permissible to handle (utilise) the joystick except in the wife or the right-hand possession, and thus masturbation is prohibited”. Some of the Ahnaaf, like az-Zayla’i, followed in this understanding.

Some of the Thaahiriyyah refuse to prohibit it on the basis of qiyaas[3], and say that is it only disliked. Ibn Hazm says in al-Muhalla concerning masturbation: “We dislike it, for it is not from the virtuous characteristics, nor from the good qualities”. Their refusal to accept the use of the aayah in Soorat al-Mu`mineen, (as evidence) is questionable. For the scholars agree upon the prohibition of bestiality, and the evidence used is this aayah (as for the ahaadeeth on the topic, then they are all weak). And like they prohibit bestiality by that aayah, and arguing that it is not permissible to enjoy ones private part except with the wife or slave girl, then it is binding upon them to prohibit masturbation as well, and there is no difference.  As for masturbating with your wife’s hand, then the scholars have permitted it. A reply to Ibn Hazm in detail will forth come. Some of the people of knowledge quoted as evidence as well, His saying: “And let those who find not the financial means for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah enriches them of His Bounty” [24:33]. This passage indicates that the command of being chaste entails being patient on anything other than it.

Also the hadeeth collected by al-Bukhaari [5/1950] and Muslim [2/1018] in their Saheehay from ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ood, radiallahu ‘anh, who said: “We were with some youth not finding anything, so the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam said: ‘O assembly of youth. Whoever from you is able to get married, then let him do so, for it lowers the gaze and protects the privates. And whoever is unable, then it is (on him) to fast, for it is a protection (from committing the haraam).’” Thus, when one cannot marry, Islaamic law directs him to fasting, with its hardship, and not to masturbation, despite the strong pressure to give in for it and being easier than fasting, yet, despite this, it did not permit it. As for the ahaadeeth on the prohibition of “marrying ones hand” (nikaah al-yad), then they are not authentic.

Re: Ruling On Masturbation (See also Health Hazard) by Lukgaf(m): 11:03pm On Mar 28


There are a number of confirmed health hazards that could arise as a result of masturbation. From them: the dispersion of the mind, as it will attempt to recall s*xual interactions prior to masturbating, and this leads in the long-term a weakening of the memory. Also, (for the male), the hand is relatively rougher than the vagina, masturbating leads, in the long term, to a weakening of the sensitivity of the male joystick. This is a disease widespread amongst Westerners – may Allah protect us from it – where men leave their women, as he is unable to ejaculate during s*x with her, and is sufficed with ejaculating by his hand (masturbating), with the aid of pornography. As for the woman, then it leads to an enlargement of the external s*xual organs (clitoris and outer labia), and thinness of the vagina, which results in a lack of s*xual enjoyment when penetrated by her husband. This is why MouthAction is very common amongst Westerners. Likewise, the ease of masturbating compared to s*x (as it doesn’t require another person), encourages continuation of doing it, until one becomes addicted. Dr. Anwar al-Hamaadi says that masturbation has much harm, the most important: Weak s*xuality, weak sperm, premature ejaculation, a curving of the joystick (Peyronie’s Disease), and other things. It is clear from the words of the doctors that engaging in masturbation leads to physical and psychological harms, as it uses body strength, leads to depression, busies its doer from doing the obligations, and could escort him to committing fornication. Shaykh, Dr. Mustafa az-Zarqaa said: “And what is medically harmful, is cautioned from Islaamically, and this is the agreement of the fuqahaa`”.

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