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It’s all about those feel-good chemicals. Dr. Watson says ladies with some extra cushion enjoy the benefit of more endorphins, the chemicals that allow us to feel so good.

The key to pleasure. While you can do strenuous exercise like hot yoga to release endorphins, something else will also send them pumping into your bloodstream. Having s*x initiates a flood of endorphins, especially when we reach orgasm.

Curve signals. Thick girls are a symbol of fertility, and this entrenched concept is exemplified in popular phrases like "good birthing hips." Curves are culturally associated with health and fertility. From an evolutionary standpoint, curves mean you're primed for survival.

The numbers don't lie. Statistically, men prefer thicker women in the bedroom. Researchers at St. Andrews University found that out of all body types, men were more attracted to the hourglass (think Scarlett Johannson and Kate Winslet).

Intelligent design. Evolution practically designed curves for the bedroom — and we mean this in the best way possible. Nothing can spice up a steamy bedroom sesh quite like a voluptuous, healthy body.

Curves equal confidence. Curves work like a charm to attract s*xual partners. Thick girls should feel confident with their bodies, and rest assured that nature designed those curves for success.

What a time to be alive. Let's face it: it's the age of the booty. With more body types featured in the media than ever before, society encourages us to embrace our curves these days. Thankfully, with more body types reaching popularity there is less pressure to pursue a thin ideal.

Size me up. Attraction isn't based solely on body size. More often than not, confidence also plays an important role (and let's not forget hygiene or mouth-breathing).

Does this bed make me look fat? Clothing size matters very little if you aren't wearing any. When getting it on, who cares whether you're a size 2 or a size 12? Arbitrary clothing sizes don't have to ruin your fun.

O.G. Awesomeness. The original supermodels were curvy, and the standard has changed throughout the years with the whims of fashion. Lest we forget, curvy bodies were embraced before ultra-thinness became an ideal.

More to love. Being happy with your own body is more important than worrying what other people think of it –– but it doesn't hurt to keep in mind that men love something to grab on to. And slap.

A little jiggle goes a long way. "When erogenous zones shake, jiggle, or ripple it drives a man wild, causing his s*xual energy to spike while becoming more aroused," says s*x expert Tyomi Morgan. There's no disputing science: thicker is better in the bedroom.

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