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 She called out your name with so much pain,begged you to stop and look into her soul; she offered what you took yet you trusted your own thrust going deeper,seeking rescue for your soul. You knew it was not right, "what is right"; you asked the fear within you. You're just a lost boy digging a well of hell. You kept digging,taking control like an Alpha male. You wanted to stop hurting her but you knew " a man does not leave digging yams to dig his own grave".  You loved her but you prefer life more. She screamed your name in satisfying whispers but what you heard was " I warned you". You stopped breathing,you became less concerned of the cold message of the revolver pointed at you,you gasp for air. Now you stop and everything around you took your step;time,feeling,struggles,love. You loved her until men came to blackmail you,forcing you to rape the sickle cell friend of yours who stood for you when life happened to you. You never knew she was the daughter of of Moon prince who could have rise up for you again, but tonight life happened again

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