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Reading a book effectively means to learn from what one has seen or found in writing or printing, and at the same be able to put it into use. while reading a book, you also receive or take in the sense of letters or symbols. Reading is a everyday something, it is unavoidable as we read signs and symbols

Do you get to the end of the book and realize that you didn’t understand what you just read?

Sometimes you don’t even understand a sentence, even after reading it slowly. It is probably because we do not understand what it is to read a book effectively.

Here are simple understandable ways to read a book effectively.

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Why are you reading the book? To read a book effectively, you need to have a purpose for reading the book. This goes a long a way as it stands as a reminder to why you need to understand what you are reading.

Work it into your imagination, create the play in your mind and picture it as you read. This helps make you feel like you were there, it makes you a part of the book and in that way, you understand it.

You may need an highlighter, jotter and pen to jot important points.

Read over and over again. skimming is allowed at first to have a bit of understanding, it is important to go back and read all over again to read the book effectively. You get the new ideas,points,broaden knowledge and so on, each time you read again.

Do the exercise. if there are any exercises, from the book,  do it. it shows seriousness.

When reading a book effectively, summarizing is important after reading a book, you have to be able to say what you have gained from the book in simple sentences.

Scholars,Share your experience with us tøo

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