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Poultry farming is an increasingly desirable occupation. Low employment prospects mean that many want something on the ground or in their hand with which they can grow an asset for leverage into other ventures or expansion. Though poultry farming is perceived as having a low barrier to entry, it requires proper planning, effort and hard work to be successful:


Many agricultural ventures fail to get off the ground because of a lack of proper planning, especially where living things are involved which require care. Your poultry farm must be profitable and provide a sustainable income - not millions but conisistent profit that can provide income or be reinvested for maintenance and growth of your business:


Financing a poultry farm can be self-starting or loan acquisition. Loans and investment seem desirable because one can leverage for a larger operation from the start. But humble growth from your own pockets can lead to a thriving venture without leveraging future earnings or land on a bank loan: 


Once you have establish whether you want to undertake broiler or layer farming think carefully about the optimum system of rearing of your birds to ensure consistent income: 


Feed is probably one of the most volatile factors in poultry farming. Price rises can immediately render a business bust. Planning feed supplies is essential to make a success of your farm: 


If you are learning about poultry farming and have a question, resource or expertise its always great to ask!

Thank you for reading and we wish you every success in your future farming venture!

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