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The Rev.Fr of St. Joseph parish ogbo has been caught with a condom in his room. The father who was posted to the parish has conducting Sunday service until his toilet got spoiled. This has been his secret for a long time but  nobody noticed it.

 A plumber confirmed it when he was told to repair the faulty toilet. As the plumber said, "when I opened the pipe which link to the toilet sink. I realized that a piece of water proof was in the pipe. I almost thought it was the problem why our father toilet was not flushing. Then I looked closely to it. It was a condom. I said it's not true". 

 After he complete his work, he went on to tell the Rev. Father what he saw. He asked him not to let anyone know about this. He even gave him some bribe which the calls "shut up money". The plumber decided not to let anyone else know.

 As the plumber narrated, that the next morning he came to the rev.father asking him to give him  more money. The rev. Fr did so and told him not ever try come to the parish again. But after 2weeks the plumber came to the parish again for more money but the Rev father was seen with an angry face. He warned the plumber man seriously and told him that he can even kill him if he tries to threaten his life. From the father's speech, he concluded that the evidence is not there. If he likes he can even go to hell.

 The poor plumber reported it to his friends. They gave him idea on what to do. The planned it and check the time the issue always take place. 

 At last the father was caught with a lady who is still a student. The 3 friends charged him huge sum of money. They even told him to sell his car.

 When the news got to the church, they decided to transfer the Rev.father secretly.

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