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My brothers & sisters please join me to appreciate God for His grace and rescue. They tried to attack me & my family at about 2.30am this morning. They came into my room while I was sleeping. I heard their sound as they moved across the room towards me. I also heard my son crying ..As I got up... one of them came at me to attack, I had no choice but to defend myself. I quickly struck. The second one also jumped at me. I couldn't believe what was happening; everything was happening so fast. My wife heard the chaotic sound that was emerging from my room and was wondering what was happening. I eventually hit the second one too; my hands were stained with blood. They laid still and I wondered if they were still alive but when I looked at them on the floor, I found out that one was still moving. I struck again and this time I hit harder with anger. That was how I killed the two mosquitoes!!!.....I am very thankful to God for granting me strength to defend myself so well. This is Nigeria....Mosquitos can bite you any time of the day! Dem bad! Abeg no vex o, I believe you enjoy this true life story.. Mosquitos are killers, Kick Malaria out of Nigeria ?? Abeg make una dey use well treated mosquito net o!

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