By Bodnel • 4th Mar 2019 • 19 views • 0 comments

So, it's obvious that virtually everything in Nigeria is left in the hands of private individuals. I understand the fact that private individuals can run business better because most public/govt project is always marred by many things since they don't spend forever there buh limited time and their successor might end up cancelling previous projects and all.

Public transportation literally doesn't exist in Nigeria and the ones that tend to be trying are not well organised. In this case please know that thisthread is only concerned with road transport

I'm from SW and i'm only used to SW so i'd be using states from SW for examples.

Below is a picture of inside one of the Ajumose Bus (Oyo state public transport system) and i don't even know if it extends to other cities and town in Oyo buh it's a thing in Ib city...

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