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Episode 1


   At about half past three in the morning, Okon and Effiong left the village to the city in search of employment opportunities. Okon had passed his WASSCE with nine credits. Effiong passed too but outscored his friend Okon. 

      The journey lasted for six hours, they went through many challenges but their unity and love for each other kept them strong. One one occasion, a group of hoodlums attacked their vehicle(commercial bus). Fear caught everyone apart from Okon who motivated Effiong to be brave and not wavering like a coward. With this courage, Effiong joined forces with Okon to fight the hoodlums. Lucky for them, they had contacted the police before they embarked on this mission. 

    They told the police to lay ambush, that exactly was what the policemen did. Okon and Effiong saved the day as they were able to bind the hoodlums. The policemen took both the hoodlums and the heros (Okon and Effiong). 

  What will the Police do these Heros?

  How will they be rewarded? 

Watch out for Episode 2 of Season 1!!!!!!

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