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On arrival at the Police Station, Okon and Effiong were made to sit on the couch while waiting for the DPO. The officers that arrested the hoodlums went in to throw the criminals into prison, thereafter to inform the DPO about Okon and Effiong's presence in the station and narrated the story of their bravery to the DPO. 

Mr. Okonkwo the second (a man with muscular and well built body) came out to see these heros. "Gentlemen you are welcome. I am pleased to have people like you in this country. You are the kind of people we need in the Police force. Thank God the recruitment form is out. I can not wait to welcome you guys into the force with open arms." Said the DPO. Okon was very happy to know that their adventure was profitable while Effiong was doubting it was real. 

When the DPO found out that they came to the city to start a new life, he decided to accommodate them in his house until the recruitment exercise was done. 

The recruitment exercise was successful, Okon and Effiong became Police Officers (Policemen) within a twinkle of an eye. Luckily for them, they were assigned to work with Mr Okonkwo the second, after they had completed their six months training. 



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