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Woom!!!!! Was the sound of Alhaji Umaro's Chevrolet Car 2019 Model, announcing his arrival at the Police Station. He came out with the sum of five million Naira from inside his briefcase. "I want to see the DPO, tell him Alhaji Umaro is around." He told the officer that attended to him. When the officer returned, he told him the DPO would like to receive him. 

In the DPO office, Alhaji Umaro narrated his ordeal. He promised to do anything to bail his only son. Okonkwo the second was a man of no nonsense, he frowns at any corrupt practice. The DPO called for Okon and Effiong to meet Alhaji Umaro the father of the Notorious criminal. On arrival, they were shocked to find out that a son of a rich man could be a thief. 

"With due respect please leave my office" Ordered the DPO. "YOUR SON MUST FACE THE WRATH OF THE LAW" said the DPO in anger at the same time telling Okon and Effiong to see him off. 

The desperate Alhaji promised to give Ten million Naira to these gallant officers (Okon and Effiong) in order for them to testify in favour of his son(Musa). Unfortunately for him he was turned down. When the DPO learned about their integrity, he was very happy and asked for their immediate promotion. 

They are now have a new rank, will they rob shoulders with their former rank mates or show pride? 


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