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once upon a time there was hunger in d land of animals and they were all dying one after d other.but the rabbit and his family were feeding fine one day,the tortoise went to him to ask him the secret but the rabbit refused telling him .After much pleading by the tortoise d rabbit promised to take him to d place so they went to the land of humans and waited till they have gone to sleep went to their farm and stole from them .when it was dawn humans came to their farms and found out their  alot of theirfoods were missing dey reported to the king and the king decided that every night the youth of d village should stay awake and keep watch . The tortoise and rabbit were happy because they collected enough food to keep their family for a while so wen they got home they shared the food among themselves but the tortoise was not happy about the ratio he got he wanted more ,then the tortoise said to himself that only if he could get more food him and his family won't bother about feeding for a very long time so he want alone without telling the rabbit when it was dark he came out and started collecting foods from the farms of the humans unknown to him they were guards everywhere so they caught him and took him to the king the king was very angry and ask his guards to  cut off his head as  the punishment for stealing.

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