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Written by Tonyjamys 

*Important message*: This peom conveys a message of salvation. Mankind was without a Savior, until God made in the likeness of men came to rescue man. Since the fall of the first man, dominion had departed from man, via the deceitfulness of the old Serpent (the Devil Satan). But a seed of a woman (Jesus Christ) of whom was prophesied to bring liberty and restoring dominion to man by bruising the head of the serpent. 

He was God and was made to dwell among men.

He fought the war of eternity and gave victory to men. 

The seed of a woman with a difference. 

He loves mankind and never ran out of patience. 

Hope to the hopeless. 

Father to the fatherless. 

Mother to the motherless. 

His victory over death was flawless. 

The joy of the whole world. 

Saviour of the world. 

He never gave Himself the glory.

In Him do the Father take glory. 

The seed of a woman with a difference. 

A man with a constant pure conscience. 

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