By AmazonQ • 7th Feb 2019 • 276 views • 53 comments

Yelling at a crying child  to stop crying is unsympathetic and not respectful.

Things that seen unimportant to us 

are major issues in their world .

On top of that,they are still learning how to deal with big emotions and yelling at them can just add to their 

Frustrations and chaos, which won't do any good for either the parent or the child .

Even if we can't let them get their way ,we can still be there for them to offer them sympathy and emotional support.

Here are some things to say instaed:

  1. its okay to be sad.

  2. i know this is really hard for you .

  3. I'm here with you

  4. Tell me about it.

  5. I hear you,I understand you. 

  6. I'm listening.

Your comments are my  oxygen, so please take a second to say something,Don't be a stranger!

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