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Nigeria entertainment industry has grown in the last decade of digital distruption,it has witness the growth and advent of more record labels, more music producers, higher number of music promoters and marketers, it has also witness the biggest revolution in the digital space creating more platform and ways to self-promote, release and sell records.


it has enter a new landscape, people spend money on video, music and self-promotion, this is set to see the sharpest raise in focus, again internet is expected  to be  the largest drive  of growth followed by television and radio. But recently i came across one opportunity you need to promote any kind of talent you have. This is known as weird or wizard (wow).


WOW online reality contest is a nationally renowned talented people competition that attracts entry from 36 states every month, Anything you can do to make people feel wonder like wow. is a platform for extra ordinary legendry people to showcase their talent like dancing, singing, juggling, acrobatic, instrumentalist, contortionist rapper etc. any talent can win.. wow showcase the best of this talent in a spectacular way annually that take over Abuja vibrant capital of Nigeria to award the winner from first to third position.


For contestant, wow offer not only cash prize but also profile and promotion of your video, networking opportunity and access to exclusive interrelationship with your audience, whether you are struggling to progress yourself intellectually or simply looking for a creative challenge, wow is a wonderful platform to push a limit of your imagination and creativity or talent.


You can watch this video to know how to get more information:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm8IZRBrA30


Should you not have the buoyancy to dedicate your limited dada bank into streaming the video above, you can read the written spec of how you can participate here: weirdorwizard.com/how-to-apply.


one calibration of this that caught my attention is the fact that it cost nothing to enter the contest monthly and yet winners are rewarded robustly on monthly shows.


good luck!


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