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A lot of ugly events occur every day in religious houses. Cases of rape, theft, kidnapping, physical and mental abuse, all sorts of unacceptable behaviours have been reported by individuals who have fallen victim to such terrible criminal events. Although that may not be the case entirely, you would agree that a lot of issues need to be addressed and sorted out amicably. One of the controversial issues in churches today is that of physical abuse in terms of molestation rape and others. Most times the culprits are the so-called leaders and heads and one would wonder if these individuals have their homes in order.


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Recently a lady talked about how her Pastor’s wife snatched her boyfriend after taking him to her for counselling. Today, another pastor’s wife, Mrs Rita Korankye has stated that being a pastor’s wife is really a lonely journey. The wife of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the Founder and General Overseer of the Royal House Chapel in Ghana revealed this to Lexis Bill on the Personality Profile on Joy FM, Thursday. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

She said:

“Every woman wants to be a pastor’s wife but it can be a lonely journey”.

She also revealed that one of her wishes growing up and due to her passion for kingdom business was to become a member of a religious community of women.





“I had always wanted to be a Catholic nun…It’s something that I wanted to do…,” Mrs Korankye Ankrah revealed.

Rita Korankye who landed a job as a banker later resigned on the advice of her boss. According to her, when the boss listened to a tape of her sermon, she advised her to resign because banking wasn’t her calling.

“After she listened to my preaching she advised me to resign. ‘This is not your calling, go and help your husband’s ministry’ she told me,” she recounted.

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