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Travelling is fun and all but there are times when packing or being in a strange place comes with some discomforts.

We have listed some handy hacks before your next trip so that should you come against these challenges, you can easily improvise without breaking a sweat.

Moisturisers: If you plan to be away for just a day or two and don’t want to go through the stress of lugging all your cosmetics and moisturisers with you, a contact lens case makes the perfect little container for whatever you will need.

Sanitation: If there is nowhere sanitary to stash your toothbrush in the hotel, take a paper cup and stab right through it.

Space challenge: If your hotel room doesn’t have enough counter space, there is probably an ironing board in the closet you can break out.

Coldness challenge: If your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, grab your ice bucket and fill up the bathroom sink instead.

Pill management: A daily pill box makes for a great way to transport necklaces and bracelets without them getting tangled together into one giant knot.

Power strips: Instead of bringing multiple power adapters for all your electronics on an international travel, you can simply bring one adapter and a power strip.

Safe money: Need a good, safe place to stash your cash while sightseeing? An empty tube of Chapstick can do the trick.

Wrinkle free: Packing something that wrinkles easily? A plastic file folder doubles as a cheap and effective way to protect those items.

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