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My country, Nigeria is a beautiful land of many places of interest across the six geopolitical divisions.

As an indigene of Abeokuta in Ogun State, I have visited the wonderful nature called Olumo Rock in the modern City; I reject the ancient status many ascribe to Abeokuta.

My tour of Ijeshaland aside discovering Nigeria’s beautiful and nature’s gifts has also unearthed a hitherto undiscovered skill in photography. Yes, I am adventurous.

An advert on Erin Ijesha Tour on Twitter was I responded to that made the tour a reality. I fought had negative thoughts about the visit. I insisted the tour would be an opportunity to explore the vast endowment nature has bestowed on Erin-Ijesha.

Pronto, preparation for the visit began in earnest and behold I landed in Erin-Ijesha, a completely new environment to me.

The fee was fair enough, the tour teams were amazing and everyone bonded immediately. Erin-Ijesha is wow!

On arrival at the gate leading to the historical site, the tour organisers sorted our tickets while tourists in possession cameras were charged N500 extra.

According to our guide, Olumirin waterfall which means ‘another deity’ was discovered by Akinla, a granddaughter to Oduduwa.

The waterfall he said has the spiritual cleansing effect that purifies the soul.

A place I want to categorise as one of the seven extraordinary works of God, the creator of heaven and earth. The Waterfall has seven floors. The topmost floor serves as home to Abake village in Ekiti state and it takes more than two hours to access the peak.

Nature can be wonderful. Descending from the second floor of the waterfall was an amazing experience. The more I looked back at the source of the water as it drops ceaselessly, the more amazing it becomes.

It was really amazing! The lure of the waterfall was irresistible and I had to remain for about an hour as the droplets of the water fell on me with the allure of its cold and warm water. I bathed like a baby.

Unfortunately, the thought of ascending the waterfall was cut short because I had to return home.

It was a wonderful experience in Nigeria. It was also an opportunity to meet Tobi James, a tour photographer. He was an amazing guy.

I look forward to a repeat visit to Erin Ijesha.

Behold Erin-Ijesha Waterfall, a sanctuary of splendour, heritage and beauty.

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