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Homeland has tapped the acting services of Sam Trammell for its upcoming final season.

The spy thriller is approaching its eighth instalment, with the award-hoovering Clare Danes set to return as counter terrorism agent Carrie Mathison.But just who will the True Blood alum be playing in this explosive world?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trammell is on-board to play a “key role”, which is that of vice president Benjamin Hayes.He’s a political survivor who’ll act as the right hand man to the show’s new president, played by Bloodline star (and brother of Jeff) Beau Bridges.

Hayes will be a recurring figure in the series, and his character is said to be “more dangerous than anticipated”.There’s a vague chance True Blood fans may one day see Trammell’s lovable shape-shifter Sam Merlotte again in the future, too, as Stephen Moyer has expressed the possibility of HBO’s horror series returning for a revival sometime.“Charlaine [Harris, the writer of the source books] has just had another bunch of her books greenlit to go to series,” he told Digital Spy back in 2017. “Alan [Ball, True Blood’s writer] had an amazing time on that show.”Would the Bill Compton actor consider returning if this was to happen, though?

“We all got… it was exhausting,” he said. “I’m not sure Anna [Paquin], myself or Alex [Skarsgård] would go back.“I don’t think we’d say no,” Moyer reflected, “because I think it’d be a giggle. But I’d have to have a facelift or something, because vampires aren’t supposed to age!”

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