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Life's more beautiful if we colour it up with words of truth and beauty. Here are some good ones. 

  1. Better a bare foot than none. 

  2. Better an open enemy than a false friend. 

  3. Better alone that in bad company. 

  4. Borrowed garments never fit well 

  5. Candles light others but consume themselves. 

  6. Choose neither a woman nor linen by candle light. 

  7. Civility costs nothing. 

  8. Contentment is happiness. 

  9. He is a poor cook that cannot lick his fingers. 

  10. Counsel must be followed not praised. 

  11. It costs more to do ill than to do well. 

  12. Creditors have more memories than debtors. 

  13. He that desires honour is not worthy of it except he deserves it.

  14. Diamond cuts diamond, iron sharpens iron. 

  15. Eat at pleasure, drink at measure.

  16. Every pleasure has a pain. 

  17. Everybody's business is nobody's business. 

  18. Experience is the mother of wisdom. 

  19. Neccesity is the mother of invention. 

  20. Faults are thick when love is thin.



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