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Iyanya and Ubi Franklin have continued to

accuse and counter accuse each other as to what really

transpired between them when they were partners at

Triple MG .

Part of Iyanya ’ s beef , which he revealed in a recent

interview with Daddy Freeze, is that Ubi betrayed him

when he chose to omit his name from their partnership

contract . He also lamented not receiving more than N 145,

000 from one of their artistes on the label , Tekno’ s career ,

even though just one of Tekno’ s songs , ‘ Duro, ’ made

N 30 m .

According to Iyanya , he gathered this information from the

artiste himself , who also revealed that Ubi had told him

(Tekno ) that Iyanya does not like him ( which explains why

they weren ’ t on talking before then ) and it was during this

conversation that Tekno revealed how much the

mentioned song , ‘ Duro, ’ made.

“ Tekno told me that he won ’ t lie to me that since ‘ Duro ’

was released , he has made over N30 m . Meanwhile, I got

only N145, 000 from Tekno ’ s career for the whole time .

Do you know why I was this open to him? I didn ’ t want

him to think I was just there on the boss side, chopping

your money and the whole thing , so I was like bro why

would I hate you ? I don’ t even take your money , that’ s

how much I love you . I don’ t go for your money because I

know you are young and you just started so whatever you

are making now , I can ’ t struggle for that with you . He was

like ‘ no bro , I don’ t think you understand me , I have made

over N 30 m from ‘ Duro. ’ That was the first fight I had with

Ubi , it was so serious , ” he revealed .

To confirm the figure, Iyanya said he went to the

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to confirm and there

he saw the contract he signed but this time , the contract

was without his name and contained the names of Ubi

Franklin’ s brothers instead . This revelation caused yet ,

another issue between them .

Speaking further , Iyanya revealed there are so many

people Ubi Franklin has hurt , saying it’ s about time he

stops hurting people because his deceit and hurt are

affecting the lives of many.

On his part , Franklin debunked the allegations . The boss

of Made Men Music Group , who since the release of the

interview has not responded , finally did on Monday and

the only resounding response to all of Iyanya’ s allegations

is that he ( Iyanya) is a liar . According to Ubi , Iyanya has

lied to the world to make himself look good and his

contract will prove that, saying he prefers resolving issues

behind closed doors and not on social media, adding

since the issue has been taken public, he’ ll be releasing an

interview very soon to address what truly happened .

‘‘It ’ s very unfortunate that someone I took as my brother

would lie to the world to make himself look good , he said . ’’

He followed this by advising that people always wait to

hear both sides of the story before they start calling

people names , insisting Iyanya lied to make himself look

good .

‘‘I have never fought anyone I worked with , dated or

married , publicly and I swore never to do that. We try to

settle things in house and if that can ’ t happen we call on

elders to mediate, it has always worked . Thank you , ” he


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