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I stumbled into a shared Facebook news blog few days ago, the discussion was about virginity.
I was shocked and touched by the comments I read from women.

The first comment: "who virginity don epp?'
Second comment: "Virgins are pretenders."
Third comment: "virginity is not chastity, its lack of opportunity."
Fourth comment: "who still be virgin for this 21st century?"
Fifth comment: "virgins have nothing to offer except tight vaginas."
This comments were mainly from christian women but alhamdulilah a Muslim woman commented saying:
"Do not judge us by your filth, when our men marry us and they find out we are not virgins, they become surprised, courtesy of our piety, but when your men marry you and meet you as virgins, they are surprised, courtesy of your indecent lifestyles! The difference between us and you is like the difference between the east and the west of the world".
I felt like giving 100,000 naira to that sister. If not that...
Well actually, we are now in a crazy time, where crazy things happen among the crazy people in every crazy place. Virginity used to be seen as a pride, but today, the virgins are even shy to proclaim it because they will become a laughing stock to people.
The greatest women ever, were proud of their virginities: Maryam (Mary-Mother of Jesus, Peace Be upon them both) said,
"How shall I have a son, when no man has touched me and I am not unchaste?" (Maryam vs 20)
Aa'isha radiAllahu anha) said, "Oh messenger of Allah, if you were to stop for a rest in a valley and you find trees that have been grazed and another ungrazed tree, which of the trees would you make your camel eat from?"
He said: from the ungrazed tree.
She said: I am that ungrazed tree
(Sahih al bukhari)

Even the virgins among men were proud of it.
When Safwan bin muattal (radiAllahu anhu) was accused of commiting zina with Aa'isha, he said:
"Wallahi, ever since I was born, I have never opened the garments of a woman before." (bukhari, vol 3, bk 48, no 829)
Those days, when a lady gets deflowered, her friends will mock her and tease her, but this days, when a woman is still a virgin, her friends will criticize her and advise her to get rid of it.
If you are a virgin out there, don't feel depressed, be proud of yourself and don't be tempted by the brainwashed loose women who want you to become like them because they have lost their pride, they merely open their legs for men in exchange for a bottle of Pepsi; cheer up and be proud of your virtue because a million bottles of Pepsi cannot buy your virginity. Refuse all the sugar coated-tongues, because your charming prince is coming soon.
So do not fear the blame of the blamers.
Allah says:
"Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women, good women are for good men and good men are for good women" (surah nur vs 26)

Do not mind those unrepentant fornicators whose vaginal tracts are now like Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, plus double lanes without pot holes.
They cheaply give out their virginity as birthday gifts and valentine gifts to their boyfriends.
We don't marry from Bollywood and Nollywood.
We marry righteous women from good homes because its the good roots that produces the sweet fruits.

As for those men who call themselves playboys, don't start looking for virgins when you want to marry, after you have deflowered every teenage girl in your village. Stop flirting with people's daughters if you don't want your own daughter to be deflowered by another irresponsible man like you.
Finally, virginity and chastity is not for women alone, its for men too.
So, do not let a fool kiss you and do not let a kiss fool you.
Stand out in the crowd and don't try to fit in. This is what it means to be one in a million.

May Allah bless all those who strive to preserve themselves and all those who repents sincerely! Aamin

Copied from Aboo Banaat and Edited

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