By sunflow • 8th Jan 2019 • 880 views • 115 comments

Let the literature writers and aspiring writers gather here lets discuss. 

I love reading stories and I know many members here love good literary piece also. 

I intend moving good stories to frontpage Daily. 

Criteria for that is this. 

  1. A thread for one story. Do not create different threads for a particular story. 

  2. If you must update your story by episodes, do it in the comment box of the thread created. 

  3. You must be consistent in writing and updating your readers..

  4. You story must be nicely formatted. 

  5. Do not create multiple threads for different episodes! 

  6. No spamming 

  7. We want to make this forum fun for all of us.

  8. Drop your questions in the comments section  


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