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What spurred you to start Farmcrowdy?

From a very early stage in my life, I have always wanted to use technology to impact three key sectors of the economy: Agriculture, real estate and transportation. As much as I left school as a programmer and I started working. At Travelbeta, I used technology to influence the way people travel. At Jumia,Konga and Wakanow.com, I used technology to change the way people shop online and how they consume news. It was while I was at Travelbeta that I had the idea for Farmcrowdy. I wanted to invest in agriculture and I was looking for farmers to work with. It was then that myself and a number of co-founders implemented the idea. It was launched on the 13th of November 2016. I was looking for a farmer to invest in who will be able to give everyone something at the end of the day. In choosing the farmers to work with, I saw that farmers have their own problems. From technical know-how to access to funding and market for their produce. On the other hand, there were thousands of Nigerians who wanted to invest in agriculture, but they didn’t know the farmers they could work with or the farmers they could trust. The passion for using technology to solve human problems was the motivation for me. It was not just the technology for agriculture but also the technology in agriculture.

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