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Despite the development of social media, loneliness is becoming a sort of pandemic right now. About 50% of adult people have trouble finding a partner. 

1.You idealize the relationship.

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect relationship: someone might have been inspired by a romantic movie and someone else might be inspired by a book. But the dream that people have is this: to make these love stories come true.

2. You don’t have self-respect.

Respecting yourself and other people is the base of any relationship, including the romantic kind. Can you really love a person who doesn’t respect themselves? This connection will most likely be based on feelings of guilt and won’t do anything good for either partner.

3.You violate other people’s private space.

There is an opinion that manipulation techniques can help fix a relationship. But nobody likes being manipulated, or even worse, when someone tries to change us.

4.You can’t forgive.


Everyone makes mistakes, and you probably have too. But sometimes, when you make a mistake, you can’t gain the trust back even when you are completely sure this will never happen again. Often, we are too strict when judging other people and not strict enough when evaluating ourselves.

5.You are not ready for a relationship.

We are used to treating love as the ultimate happiness and joy. But sometimes, it’s more important for people to deal with more pressing concerns before building a relationship.

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