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20th century fox released the second trailer for X-men dark phoenix on 12th of February available on YouTube. 

This is possibly have the last X-men series movie (according to Forbes) 

The film will experience Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) become the villain as her vast powers move her to the dark side. The X-men universe contains some of the most powerful beings I'm all marvel comics ( from magneto to storm to iceman). Jeans grey (later known as Jean Grey summers)  is certainly among the omega level mutants with powers that can affect the fundamental forces of the universe. Jean Grey has always been the most powerful telekinetic and telepathic mutant ever (even rivalling Xavier himself). 

in the movie Jean Grey powers were unlocked by radiation from a solar flare and due to manipulation by a villain named mastermind (who is an extra terrestrial being) she becomes subject to illusion and became overwhelmed by the experience of her power in its totality becoming the cosmic entity known as the dark phoenix. 

Jean Grey was later defeated not by any mutant though cause wolverine is actually absent to pull the trick he did in X-men last stand. 

She is defeated by the entity itself which is the universal immortal embodiment because the force isn't evil but actually destructive that possesses powerful mutant hosts since the dawn of time and burning away the weak for a new hosts. 

The movie plot would be similar to X-men last stand in so many ways but till its release on 7th June, 2019 we can't say for sure. 

Source; Forbes 

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  • I would like to watch this movie

  • the second trailer movie x-men dark Phoenix released by 12th century fox was made available on you tube on 12th of February 2019 is really amazing  as  a very powerful female mutant known as Jane  Grey who have telekinetic and telepathic abilities tends to be controled through her mind via illusion by a valiant named  mastermind who is an extraterrestrial being.

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