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Buharirated 75years

Atikulated   72years
Make una see our youths.... Naso dem go dey push them like say dem dey Toll motor... See as una dey blind....how much dem one pay una....

 PDP rule Nigeria for good solid 16years dem no deduct one kobo from the years ,wetyn una achieve,still fake promise.... Make una go ask people wey canvass for PDP  for the past 16years wetyn dem gain... Their level change?  No be d same pair of shoes dem still dey wear... If possibly no be God dem for don walker... Who for remember them...

APC na just 3years... Una don dey complain... We don tire... We don suffer...... Una neva suffer finish youth.... Until una open una eyes before una go get sense... Una wan dey sentimental, una dey follow all this wayo politicians...after dem Don enter, dem no come remember una... Na una go start to dey sing una foolish rhyme.... "ooooo if I know say na so this guy be I for no vote am hahaha he no go beta for am" dey there, dey deceive urself.... See he go beta for am..... He no force you oooo....na  u with ur crayfish head and leg go that polling unit go vote am...so no come dey cry I thy no cry....

Nobody wey good,  nobody wey bad.... We are too wicked to ourselves.... We are just too blinded by getting it don immediately... U don't expect ur parents to just give u Wat you want at that instant you ask them... Nope it can never be possible.... Even baba God is not that wicked, I throwe salute for am... He dey search heart well before he give u... U think say the Bible dey fake am when he talk say "he who I have blessed no man can curse"... Na dose kind people make una dey follow no be wayo politicians.... Wey be say b4 una go get even 1k una go sweat,  Una wey una parents no get... Dem dey hustle day and night to feed una... Make una dey wise... Make una no dey follow all this Politicians wey go dey mimick una after elections..  

See u don't ur enemies..... See u don't know who will be ur helper... Don't think the 5k, 10k,  1k,  2k dey would give u would solve ur problem.. Na just for one day lavida for some person why some na 2days or 3days, he don finish... Fear go make u go meet am.... Noway...

Na still una wey vote Goodluck na una still be d person wey vote am out.... Wetyn una what again?..... D truth be told u can never satisfy Nigerians...... Una go get complain upon complain to give .

PDP talk say na "Power to the People"... For good 16years was the power given to the people... They sat there for 16 solid good years without power be given to the people.

APC talk say "Change" na him be their  motto before una vote them in

Just 3years let's be truthful how is it possible to change Nigeria in just 3years and also  to satisfy the whole Nigerians..   Make una think well..   Even people wey get plenty wife's dem dey  get complain everyday by day.. Una one kill am... Na only una... How many people he wan answer .. Na turn by turn... Can u question the creator of the whole universe, the one who searches the clean and the unclean heart.... Can you go there and unseat him on his throne..  Why are we so mean and greedy . 

Our issues are unlike Cain and Abel 

Youth make una dey wise.... this follow follow no go pay. Dem talk sa d truth dey bitter...

Am Mr Easy, A Non-Partisan, U bring Ur money I spend them on those who are in need of it..   
The Orphans
The Less Privileged 
The  Widows
The Widowers and the Oppressed. 

As far we all are equal in the sight of God.
As far it's still the same six feet we all we still be buried.
As we all breath with our nostrils 

Make everyone equally irrespective of who you are... We all must live as one family... Dine on the same table to make Nigeria a better place .. No hatred, No discrepancies.

Above all,  Shun Greed,  Shun Evil,  Don't be scared of the Truth.

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