Important Info for all Wakandians that were not paid in our last payout – See What to Do Now!


Good evening lovely people.

There have been lots of calls and questions to me and other admins of wakanda nation by some members who were not paid in the last payout. This post is meant to tell you what to do.

The reasons for non-payment have already been stated in the payout list and I will proceed to lay out the solutions.

1. If you weren’t paid because you refused to share our sponsored posts, simply start sharing it as instructed and you will always get paid.

2. If your earnings were not cleared or touched, it means you didn’t properly submit the withdrawal request form. Please note that when you skip any column while filling the form, it will go to spam and it will not get to us for processing and subsequent payment. If you belong to this category, please apply next Friday and you will surely get paid like others. Wakanda Nation is not going anywhere and your due earnings will always be paid.

3. If your old earnings were deducted, it means you had double comments and illegitimate earnings. It means you never owned it in the first place and we can’t pay you what you don’t have. Please note that the system has been reformed to stop double comments issues and the new earnings you have are devoid of any double comment issues and are thus withdraw-able once it’s up to N4000. If you fall here, kindly make genuine earnings on the platform and you will cash out like others.

4. May I remind you that the best way to make good money on wakanda nation is through referrals. So, go out there, talk to friends, family, neighbours and even enemies if you must make good income. None of our top 100 earners are getting those huge amounts through comments and logins.

5. please note that we have doubled the number of posts we make per day. So, expect many posts everyday from today.

6. All assurance members should please be patient with us. We know the issues you have and the fact that your time is going. However, we must take the little time to fix the system. We are going to add extra one month validity to all assurance accounts as make up for time we may take to fix up the issue.

7. Wakanda nation will continue to pay you all your due earnings, all we ask of you is to obey rules and work hard to earn your money. We will continue to grow and invent new ways to help you make money online.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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