You can now share Wakanda Sponsored Posts and earn money - See How

By dePrince • 16th Jun 2018 • 37770 views • 987 comments
Good Morning great Wakandians. We are glad to announce that the issue with our sponsored post has been fixed and members can now share sponsored  posts on Facebook to earn money. We have modified the system to allow EVERYONE to share sponsored posts and earn money on Wakanda Nation. We will be releasing sponsored posts everyday and you can access it through the affiliate area of your dashboard if you an affiliate. If you are not an affiliate member, you can still share sponsored posts and earn.  To Identify sponsored posts, look out for the instructions from @deprince inside the comment section of a post. To earn, simply share our sponsored post on Facebook and also drop ONE COMMENT on the sponsored post. Please, DO NOT COMMENT MORE THAN ONCE ON A SPONSORED POST.  YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR EARNINGS IF YOU DISOBEY THIS RULE. ====================================== Again, we have noticed that some Members are breaking the Wakanda Rules. Some members break their comments into many parts, some drop comments unrelated to the post, some copy parts of the post and use as comments. All these are in a bid to cheat the system and earn more. How do you think you will be paid after cheating? Please Note These:
  1. Comment must be related to the post.
  2. It must be reasonable and not one or two words like "nice" "that's good" and such other one-off phrase. When you do this, it shows us you didn't read the post. Specifically, the system paying you to read the post and drop meaningful comment.
  3. Comment must not be a copied part of the post.
We will begin to enforce this rule from today, if you are part of the Members dropping these kind of comments, please desist from so doing henceforth or you will lose your earnings. Please, kindly note that there is no reversal when your earnings are wiped out of our system. So, let's help ourselves by doing the proper thing. See one of such awful comments below: share sponsored posts and earn money   ======================================== Finally, remember that Sunday is always Wakanda Payday and all those who have earned up to N4000 should please remember to withdraw their earnings before 8am on Sunday morning so we can pay them. We value your presence with us always. Thank you all.
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