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Comment on Blog › INEC accuses PDP of hate speechInec hmm...
«  16th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › Who Is The 3rd Force Candidate That Can Really Challenge APC And PDP?I believe they can do it...
«  17th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › If You Knew That You Were Going To Die Tomorrow, What Would You Do Differently Today?

I will just tell God Almighty to forgive me in all sins have committed and I should make heaven. But I will be in church to pray n my pastor pray f...

«  11th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › No more Payments Delays on Wakand Nation: You can now Pay Yourself Anytime by using your Earnings to Activate New accounts for Direct Cash! (Activate for Cash)

I can't withdraw on my account why since all this months. Wakanda I don't understand oo

«  13th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Love Or Interest - Which Is Real?

I will choose love because without love the relationship can't work.

There is nothing like interest, is it s business center or job that u sa...

«  18th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Face of Wakanda Nation Contest declared Open - See how to Join Now!

Nice one. Keep it up but please pay us too that have one referral, since I join wakanda early last year I have never for once get paid. But why?...

«  1st Feb 2019
«  1st Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › Get Paid for Reading News

In fact wakanda never pay me since last year someone introduced this platform to me. June or August up till now they no pay and now introducing ano...

«  15th Feb 2019
«  21st Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › 5 Signs That You’re Meant To Be Together

Nice word

«  22nd Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › Application for Face of Wakanda Contest ends today - Apply now!

Okay Good .abeg no withdraw today again? Coz its closed am seeing oo

«  8th Mar 2019