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«  18th Nov 2018

Church should be neutral

«  8th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Women farmers want review of agric credit disbursement conditions

Thank you ma, these are the same conditions enlisted for a common man when looking for a job; your guarantor must be a civil servant not below leve...

«  9th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol is not to be taken by a Christian

«  9th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Leak tapes: Oshiomhole reacts to Amaechi’s alleged criticism of Buhari

When will Adams wake up from his sleep?

«  10th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Is Torture Justified When Used For National Security

But can police ever leave torturing innocent people? Innocent people are dying of torture in police custody.

«  10th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Why Would You vote For The President? Why Would You Not?

This is a man that promised us change. Though he delivered his promise but in the other way round; he promise us heaven on earth but sa soon aas he...

«  12th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › No more Payments Delays on Wakand Nation: You can now Pay Yourself Anytime by using your Earnings to Activate New accounts for Direct Cash! (Activate for Cash)

Good development.

I requested for withdrawal and I wasn't paid. Why and what should I do then?

«  13th Jan 2019
«  14th Jan 2019
«  17th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Love Or Interest - Which Is Real?

Love for sure

«  18th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Fraud Alert! Beware Of Fake Wakanda Nation Mobile App on Google Play Store

Thanks for the information

«  19th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › 10 Mindsets of Successful Entrepreneurs

So interesting

«  20th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Is Abortion The Same As Murder?

It's a murder in any, but it's allowed in some cases to save the mother's life instead of loosing both the unborn child and the mother

«  21st Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › The Ten Commandments Of Business

Waoh, so smart!

«  22nd Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › 16 Unique Facts About 16 Unique Animals

So educative and interesting

«  23rd Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Do You Know? 55 Interesting Historical Facts About Nigeria

So interesting. We are the giant of Africa indeed. This is an eye opener

«  24th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › 10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Nice one, thanks!

«  25th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › 16 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazing facts!

«  26th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Notice: How to Re-Apply for Withdrawal Today

I hope those that have up to 4k but without referral would be paid as well

«  26th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › 8 Tips on How to Win Multiple Scholarships in Nigeria.

Thanks for sharing the information

«  28th Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

I pity Nigeria my country, the giant of Africa. Where is our pride?

«  29th Jan 2019
«  31st Jan 2019
Comment on Blog › Face of Wakanda Nation Contest declared Open - See how to Join Now!

It's so interesting

«  1st Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › What Is The Best Career Advice You Have Ever Got?

Thank you for your advice

«  3rd Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › University Of The People Online Tuition Free Degrees

That's great!

«  4th Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › Contestants for Face of Wakanda Nation Published! - See how to Vote for your favourite contestant.

Good development.

Coming to join the race

«  5th Feb 2019
Comment on Blog › Writers Gut. A Place for Everything Art

This is a golden opportunity

«  6th Feb 2019