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«  9th Jan 2019
«  10th Jan 2019
Created Blog › Latest Wakanda Nation Payout List - N2.9 million Naira Paid out.

Good day great Wakandians.

we have concluded payments for last withdrawals.

A total of N2.9 Million was paid out and it was the available resources generated by the website within the time frame.

As stated ealier, we only pay out what the website generates and w...

«  14th Jan 2019
Created Blog › Meet Talented Nigerian Boy Who Makes Cars, Using Scrap Metals

Nigeria is indeed a country filled with potentials and rare talents. Over time, Legit.ng constantly brings these talents to the forefront to celebrate them. Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun on Frida...

«  15th Jan 2019
Created Blog › Is Abortion The Same As Murder?

I was pondering this morning about murder , you know , with all the disturbing front page articles on murder and the gruesome pictures shown. I started thinking , how can people be so ...

«  21st Jan 2019
Created Blog › Face of Wakanda Nation Contest declared Open - See how to Join Now!

Good Morning great Wakandians, this is the sponsored post for today.

We are happy to declare the face of wakanda Nation contest open!

The contest will see contestants win great prizes and promote their brand. As the contest begins today, Join the race and  invite all your ...

«  1st Feb 2019
Created Blog › Fully Funded Scholarship Programme in Italy at University of Padova, 2019

The University of Padova offers scholarships to highly talented prospective students wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree completely held in English at Padova. The scholarship programme is highly selective. Only candidates showing ...

«  10th Feb 2019
Created Blog › My life is nothing but flower

life itself is a risk, and the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing, there for success require someone who's brave enough to take risk, because success is not a destination, is not inheritance is actually an everyday exercise push it to it limit. I raise cap for Wakanda all the way keep gro...

«  27th Feb 2019
«  10th Nov 2018
Comment on Blog › Popular OAP And Singer, Tosyn Bucknor Is Reportedly DeadRest in peace area mama of top radio fm....
«  21st Nov 2018
Comment on Blog › Why You Should NOT Invest In Nigeria — Priti Patel Writes InvestorsDo we still have hope in this nation?...
«  21st Nov 2018
Comment on Blog › Why We're Rebuilding Ayefele's Music House - Oyo GovtGood justice....
«  21st Nov 2018
«  25th Nov 2018
«  27th Nov 2018
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«  8th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › Despite AWCON Victory, Falcons Slip In FIFA RankingWho the ranking and rating help well done babes una try....
«  8th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › 15 unconventional foods that Nigerians EatHaven't taste any of all this unconventional foods ooo but I will try one some day. Thanks for the info.....
«  9th Dec 2018
«  10th Dec 2018
«  10th Dec 2018
«  10th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › Letter To Daddy Freeze — From A 16-Year-Old BoyNice one.....
«  10th Dec 2018
Comment on Blog › Moesha Buduong Accused Of Sleeping With Married Men After Showing Off New HousePeople with their hallucinations view...
«  11th Dec 2018
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«  16th Dec 2018
«  16th Dec 2018
«  16th Dec 2018
«  17th Dec 2018
Quaote Comment of a Blog › Why Would You vote For The President? Why Would You Not?

I'm speechless on this matter 

«  12th Jan 2019
Quaote Comment of a Blog › Love Or Interest - Which Is Real?

Thou the both seems to be synanimous and contextual depending on individual view and preference to me before I go for...

«  18th Jan 2019
Quaote Comment of a Blog › Love Or Interest - Which Is Real?

well, it may be the interest that eventually I can't bump into love wi+hout having interest first 


«  18th Jan 2019
Quaote Comment of a Blog › How to break up with someone like an adult

«  3rd Feb 2019
Quaote Comment of a Blog › 12 things you shouldn’t do When Looking For Job

«  25th Feb 2019